Do You Really Need That Big House?

house heatmap.jpg

Despite the grandeur McMansion being a pillar of the American Dream for decades, a recent UCLA study found the majority of US homeowners grossly under-use the majority of their homes. The study’s researchers analyzed foot traffic and time spent in each area of the home, and unsurprisingly found that families spend the majority of time in the kitchen or TV room. Conversely, areas of significant square footage such as the dining room, living, and porch are overwhelmingly unused. This prompts the question: Do we really need all that extra space?

At the moment, housing prices are near all-time highs, decreasing interest rates, there is an ever-growing population of home-buyers, and a rising generation with record-setting student-debt. Accordingly, it may behoove one to temper the ego, put a pin in the home theater fantasy, calculate roughly how much space one would typically use in everyday function, and consider options more proportionate to actual lifestyle needs.