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Credit Card signup bonuses / cashback rewards

Earn 3% cash back with Chase Freedom Unlimited if you apply here and are approved for the card.

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Bank account signup bonuses

Earn up to $350 when you click here open a new Chase Total Checking® and/or a new Chase Savings account with qualifying activities.


High-interest online savings accounts:
(Updated July 2019)

VIO Bank - 2.52% APY

Popular Direct- 2.36% APY

Citizens Access - 2.35% APY

PurePoint Financial - 2.35% APY

Bank7 - 2.35% APY

HSBC - 2.30% APY

Synchrony Bank - 2.25% APY

FNBO Direct - 2.20% APY

Goldman Sachs - Marcus - 2.15% APY

Barclays Bank - 2.10% APY

American Express National Bank - 2.10% APY

Discover - 2.10% APY 

Alliant - 2.10% APY 

Ally - 2.10% APY 

TV/Film Extra

Requirement: Live in/near major city (Best: NYC, LA, ATL).  Be an average, functioning human to appear in background of filming scene. Usually sit/stand around all day doing nothing, waiting to be called in to stand in background and talk to other extras. Use this downtime to work on other hustles (ideally anything smartphone capable, or reading/studying). Pay ranges from $150-$400/day (12 hrs), disbursed via W2 timesheet or 1099 invoice. Sign up with local talent agency and provide them your availability.

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Class Action Lawsuits

Review open and pending class action lawsuits for common consumer goods and services to see if you are eligible for any. If yes, submit an online claim, and if you have a proof of purchase or meet conditions, you may qualify for an even higher settlement amount. Usually pay between $5-50 via snail-mail or PayPal.


Donate Sperm

Typical minimal requirements are Male (obviously), Bachelor’s Degree, six feet tall (generally 5’10 is absolute minimum), no major personal health complications, and overall healthy and disease-free family history.


Donate Blood Plasma

1-2 hour process where blood is removed from your body, clear blood plasma is separated from your blood, and finally blood is returned to your body. Can pay anywhere from $20-70 per ‘donation.’ Generally 18+, varies by state. Frequency depends on location and service provider but can range anywhere from once a month to twice a week.


Paid Medical Studies

Research your local universities and hospitals for paid medical study opportunities. These can be and pay anywhere from $10-60 per hour, but will usually only be for 1-2 hours per day. However, often there are recurring studies that will require you to come back for test results or follow-up tests.


Focus Groups

Generally 18+, have to pass a prescreening to fit the client’s target demographic(s). Easy, simple, usually only 1-2 hours of casual topic conversation, discussion, product feedback, marketing materials, etc. Usually paid cash in person or check in mail (typically $15-$25 hr).

Online Faucets & Surveys

Easy, menial, low pay; ideal for doing at work to supplement income while already on the clock. Usually entails taking surveys, clicking CPA ads, registering for newsletters, signing up for free services, free trials, watching videos with ads, downloading apps, and more.

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