Controversial yet lucrative, there is no getting around the fact many people have and continue to make huge sums of profit speculating on digital assets in this nascent and unprecedented fintech space. While many protest and speculate against whether crypto will ever become truly utilitarian or see meaningful adoption, recent developments such as the emergence of institutional-grade custodians, CME Bitcoin Futures trading, and multiple Bitcoin ETF proposals indicate significant interest in the space. What does this mean? Most believe this correlates to a higher market capitalization and, subsequently, higher token prices, and this very well may be the case. However, new and additional gateways into crypto for smart- and dumb-money alike alludes to two probabilities; market volume, and volatility. If you’re a trader, these are ideal trading conditions.


How to buy

The lowest hurdle to gain crypto exposure is the popular fiat-crypto gateway Coinbase. Fund your account with dispensable capital, invest according to your personal strategy, and even transfer capital to other exchanges with greater selections of tokens (such as Binance).
Click here to create a Coinbase account.

One of the biggest crypto/digital asset exchanges with the largest selection of ‘altcoins’ (any token not Bitcoin) is Binance. Register on Binance here.


how to safely store

Once you have successfully purchased (or earned) some crypto, you should find a secure method of storage. The most highly touted is cold storage, or offline storage on a hardware wallet. Two of the most common hardware wallets are Trezor and Ledger Nano.


Earn Crypto

One way to gain exposure to Crypto without risking any capital is to complete simple paid tasks to earn Crypto. This can entail taking surveys, following companies on social media, registering for newsletters, creating accounts on websites, or more. Click here to sign up on Earn (acquired by Coinbase in 2018).


Crypto Faucet

Similar to Earn, EarnCrypto is a faucet that features a myriad of ways to earn crypto. The rewards are small, but there are plenty of them, ranging from passively watching video ads, data entry, installing apps, completing surveys, registering for free trials, online tasks, and more. Register here


Paid in-browser ads (+download bonus!)

The creator of Firefox has launched his new 21st century web browser, Brave. This web browser features native ad-blocking, faster speeds, and even rewards 1) publishers for creating content on Brave, and 2) consumers for allowing ads while web browsing on Brave.

Through 2019, Brave is giving away free BAT tokens.
Download here.