ideas NOT worth your time:

Saturated ‘side hustles’:
Social Media Marketing, Social Media Influencing, Digital Marketing, Dropshipping, Transcription, Data Entry, News Sites, Blogs, Health coaching, Diet coaching, Personal training, Music Production, House Flipping, Garage Sale Flipping, etc.

There’s a reason these ‘side hustles’ are so popular and plastered all over the internet as recommended side gigs: Anyone can do them. These side hustles are so saturated, anyone can hire a literal third world ‘digital marketer’ on Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelance platform for $5 per hour or less to do anything social media or digital marketing-related. That’s not to say it’s impossible to make better money on the side doing any of the above ideas. The point we’re making is these labor markets are over-saturated with workers and automations, profit margins are significantly slimmer, and your precious time is most likely better spent elsewhere.

There are exceptions for people with specialized expertise in certain skills. For example, I know a few personal trainers who charge $100+/hr. That doesn’t mean any random person off the internet can just take an online or community college course in personal training for a certification and start raking it in. Most successful PT’s I know have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology/Exercise Science/Kinesiology, plus some sort of Minor or concentration in Nutrition, have been resistance training for years, competed in collegiate athletics, and a few PT’s I know are even Physical Therapists (Undergrad + 3 years of Physical Therapy school) who train clients on the side due to their niche expertise. This is your competition.

Ideas WORTH pursuing:

#1: Product sales

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The undisputed, most lucrative and effective source of income. Of course, the most difficult part is creating or identifying a product to manufacture and sell in mass scale with a healthy profit margin. Original and niche are most likely to be your best bet for profit and success. Product sales have been streamlined due to mass market exposure on online eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc. However, these businesses of their own cut into your profit margin by charging you commissions of each of your sales. Therefore, your best profit margins are mass-manufactured and sold to distributers or directly to retail at retail prices.

#2: Services

If you don’t sell a product, sell a service. There is a huge range of valuable services you can learn, get paid (quite well) for, and grow into a scalable business model.

As outlined above, some services are oversaturated, provide low value and are time-consuming (digital media marketing/social media management). Many online services are oversaturated due to the extremely low barrier to entry and minimal specialized skill requirements.

However, there are an abundance of in-person services (some online, too) that are lucrative and potentially worthwhile pursuits, due to the following:

· High/increasing demand
· Low competition
· Relatively low barrier to entry
· Low overhead
· Good to excellent compensation
· Consistent work
· Must be done locally/in person


Many of these are physical (but not necessarily back-breaking labor) or simply require in-person service. The good news is many are mostly, if not entirely, self-trainable skills or expertise that require minimal to no formal education or professional certifications. If you’re tired of applying for jobs and want to work for yourself, investigate any of these diverse options.


Event/Seasonal services:



Specialty food trucks (keep it simple and very fast)

Event DJ

Event management


Videography (wedding or corporate)

Photo booth rental

Porta Potty rental

Tents/Party rental

On demand cleanup crews

On demand junk removal / hauling

Casino tables and dealer rentals for events


Misc./low commitment:

TV & Film Extras


Sharing economy:

  • Rent bedroom on Airbnb

  • Rent storage space on StoreAtMyHouse

  • Drive for Uber / Lyft / Via

  • Deliver food for Seamless / UberEats / Groupon 


Personal care:

Mobile haircuts

Freelance Hair/Makeup Stylist

Massage Therapist


Training / Coaching / Consulting:

Hunting dog training

Domestic pet training

Special needs pet training

High end athletic coaching / training

College acceptance consultation

Credit repair consulting

Career coaching

Personal style consulting

Personal assistant

Business Services:

Customer service (commonly remote!)



Mobile fencing for festivals or construction sites

Porta potty rentals

Liquidation services

Furniture assembly (dorm, office, hospital, hotel, etc.)

Slushy machine servicing

Parking lot power cleaning

Mobile Headshots



Real Estate:

Home inspection / thermal imaging (utility analysis)



Loan officer

Property manager

Vacation rental management

House staging


Retail / Hospitality:

Mobile retail pop ups

Mobile brick and mortar (any brick and mortar business, except mobile)

Linen washing

Beer line cleaning / keg tap services

Deep cleaning restaurants


Niche carpentry:

Closet build-out

Home bar building

Egress window framing/installation

Home office build-out

Wine cellar building

Sauna Building

Steam shower installation

Hidden safes and secret entry construction

Building gun safes into walls

Cubical building

Patio building

Fence building

Dock building

Fireplace building

Cistern / water gatherer installation

Home sound room or studio build

Home stairlift installation

Urban farming systems

Custom beekeeping builds

Murphy bed building/installation (cities)

Vehicle Services:

Mobile oil change

Mobile car wash/detailing

Mobile tire sales/service

Mobile glass repair

Mobile mechanic

Mobile dent repair (paintless)

Mobile decal and wrap services



Hunting guides

Hiking tours

Biking tours

Party rentals

Online Services:

Freelance Software Development

Freelance Web Development

Freelance Web Design

Freelance Graphic Design

Freelance Video Editing

Buying Royalty rights on music, media, etc.

Buy revenue-generating eCommerce/Affiliate Marketing website(s) on Flippa

Automated online trading arbitrage with the help of a buy bot (Quantopian)


Home Services:

Lawn mowing / trimming

Lawn fall cleanup

Mulching / flower bed maintenance

Bush sculpting / maintenance

Herbicides and fertilization

Seeding and planting

Lawn aeration

Gardening services


Tree trimming / arborist

On-demand irrigation

Firewood delivery

Green home consultation

Pest control

Mosquito control

Termite control

Pool / hot tub services

Deck staining

Pressure washing / concrete cleaning

Window cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Maid services

Laundry services

Carpet cleaning / steaming

Deep kitchen cleaning

HVAC system cleaning

Chimney cleaning

Graffiti removal

Mold removal

Water damage remediation

Fire damage remediation

Home deodorization / perfuming

Interior painting

Exterior painting

Trim staining

Interior design

Home office build-out

Counter-top epoxy design

Epoxy flooring

Custom furniture refinishing

Mirror installation

Custom lighting installation

Custom wallpaper installation

Closet build-out services

Garage door service / installation

Gate and keypad entry installation

Cabinet making / refurbishing

Aquarium installation

Secure package delivery box installation

Pet grooming

Pet care / walking / boarding

Dog underground fence installation

Trophy animal mounting

Private investigating

Manned home security services

Smart home Installation

Hot tub wiring / installation

Privacy fence installation

Decorative retaining wall design / build

Security installation

Solar panel installation

Putting green installation

Home cinema installation

Irrigation system installation

Acoustic insulation installation

Lighting rod installation

Awning installation

Pool safety alarm installation

Storm shutter installation

Foundation repair

Hurricane prep service

Septic service / pumping

Boat cleaning

Boat shrink-wrapping

Boat repair/maintenance

RV / boat winterizing

RV cleaning

RV pickup/delivery

Home appliance repair

Golf cart service / repair






General Contractor

Heating and air HVAC

Civil engineering

Structural engineering


Asphalt / Concrete

Door/Window installation


Bridge Painting


Carpet/Flooring installation/refinishing

Ceramic Tile installation

Fence installation

Auger Boring


Septic tank install and service

Insulation installing (spray and standard)

Elevator installation and service

Asbestos removal


Warehouse storage rack installation



Epoxy flooring / counter tops

Fire sprinkler system installer / detector installation


Equipment operation

Pipe fitting