About MRP


MoneyRedPill was spawned by an intimate group of NYC-based professionals who escaped the modern societal workforce ‘matrix,’ or deferred from it altogether.

The MRP group spends their time constantly researching, analyzing, testing, discussing and publishing strategies to develop financial independence, self-sustainability, and accumulate personal wealth.

MRP Manifesto

I’m going to share some personal wisdom, as someone who’s been in your position not that long ago. Something I wish someone would have told me back when I was desperately sending online job applications to no avail for jobs I didn’t even really want.

You’re chasing unfulfilling jobs; working for someone else; that you don’t even want or are counterproductive to your well being and quality of life.

Use this precious time you have right now (time is the most valuable thing we have) to develop a new skill; a valuable, marketable skill, that you can hone and improve upon over time to gradually acquire customers, clients, or business. It doesn’t matter if you only get paid work using this skill one day per week. You do this week in, week out, routinely beating at your craft, keep getting a little better, more familiar, and anywhere you go, you immediately enter networking mode to drum up more opportunities to get paid for your skill. You do this until you find yourself with not enough time in the day. And this day will come. Then you have good problems to solve, and options. How do I service all these customers/clients? Do I increase my rates to current customers, or do I raise my rates for new customers/clients? Should I hire someone to help me, or to split the workload and divide and conquer more?

This takes TIME. Be patient. Set attainable short-term goals. But most importantly, START NOW. Be consistent every day. What skill do you want? Develop software? Write fiction? Speak a new language? Trade equities? Repair computers? Set aside 20 minutes every day, silence your phone, and force yourself to work on this for 20 minutes. Complete this task every day, every week, no exceptions. You’ll notice that sometimes, you’ll get so into the zone that 20 minutes turns into 45. That’s great, but the important thing is to stop talking about it, stop thinking about it, and just do it.
— Founder, MoneyRedPill, on 4chan /biz/, March 2019